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October 29, 2019
The Struggles Of Early-Career Recruiting: A Short Scene
Alex Csedrik

Two people enter a crowded restaurant. Both are in early-career recruiting. Early-Career Recruiter 1 [ECR 1] is out of sorts, while Early-Career Recruiter 2 [ECR 2] is anxious to eat dinner. They sit at a table. 

ECR 1:         Thanks for coming out tonight. I sure could use it.

ECR 2:        Don’t mention it. [pause—looks at the menu.] This restaurant is supposed to be great.

ECR 1:         [distracted] That’s good.

ECR 2:        What’s wrong? [looks down at the menu.] The smoked salmon sounds delicious! [looks up, realizing their insensitivity.] Sorry, what’s going on?

ECR 1:         Things at work are stressful right now.

ECR 2:        Still? [Waiter walks over.] We’ll have two glasses of red wine. [Waiter exits.]

ECR 1:         We’re still struggling with our early-career recruiting.

ECR 2:        Why?

ECR 1:         It’s just Esther and me. How are we ever supposed to hire for all these roles with just the two of us? There’s no way for us to review all our applicants. If we’re lucky, we actually read a handful of the thousands of resumes we get.

ECR 2:        I’m sorry to hear that. [Waiter places two glasses of red wine on the table. ECR 2 takes a sip.] Is that it?

ECR 1:         I’m just so tired of my boss telling me we need to immediately fill our STEM roles. How am I supposed to hire people for STEM jobs if jobseekers don’t even know our company has those positions?

ECR 2: You should partner with WayUp like I did. They helped me transform our early-career recruiting process, and I got a promotion because of it. Oh, they also sent me a sleep mask that says, “We source. We screen. You rest.” I’ve never slept better!

ECR 1: How?

ECR 2: I wear the sleep mask at night to cover my eyes, and it helps…

ECR 1: I mean how have they helped you besides the sleep mask.

ECR 2: Right. [ECR 2 giggles because of the misunderstanding.] Their technology instantaneously pre-screens all applicants and responds to every single person within 24 hours. It literally solves the applicant black hole problem, drives diverse candidates through your recruitment funnel, and helps you hire the best candidates before your competitors. Did I mention I love the sleep mask?

ECR 1: You sound like you’re on an infomercial.

ECR 2: Do you want help or not?

ECR 1: You’re right, sorry. [pause.] Setting up those pre-screen phone interviews still sounds like a nightmare, though. [ECR 1 pouts dramatically.]

ECR 2: That’s just it—you tell them the specific requirements you need for the job, and their team does the pre-screen for you. They let candidates schedule a phone interview within 24 hours of applying—it’s amazing. [pause] I really do sound like an infomercial. I used to watch so many of them when I was up all night worrying about my early-career recruiting—before I partnered with WayUp and got the sleep mask, of course.    

ECR 1: Wow! They really handle the pre-screens for you?

ECR 2: Yes! And get this—they provide personalized career coaching and soft-skills feedback to every applicant they pre-screen, whether they’re a fit for the job or not!

ECR 1: Cheers to a positive candidate experience! [They toast.] But I don’t know if they can help us. We have a lot of tough-to-fill STEM positions.

ECR 2: They actually have a team that specializes in employer branding, so they can help you get the word out about the roles, your company culture, and everything in between. They’re Gen Z and Millennial whisperers!

ECR 1: Really?

ECR 2: Yes! Plus, two-thirds of their five million early-career users are STEM and business majors. Partnering with WayUp means your company joins their exclusive network, so you’re not competing with hundreds of thousands of other employers for top talent.

ECR 1: Sounds too good to be true.

ECR 2: You want to hear the cherry on top? Speaking of cherries, let’s split the cherry cobbler for dessert. [pause] The best part is, you can do all of this—at scale—and still cut your cost-per-hire by 75 percent and hire 2x faster!

ECR 1: I’m going to do it! It sounds like the quality of my company’s early-career recruiting will be way up there! {ECR 1 and ECR 2 giggle at the pun.]

ECR 2: Let’s celebrate! [to Waiter] Another round, please.

ECR 1: Now tell me more about this sleep mask they sent you…


End Scene.

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