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May 28, 2019
These 2 Employer Branding Tactics Will Make You More Efficient On Campus
Alex Csedrik

If you’re an on-campus recruiter, you know that your time is precious. From the long hours you spend traveling to setting up and breaking down your booths at each fair, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything—especially talking to top talent.

But is there a more efficient way you can recruit on-campus? Actually, yes, and it starts with employer branding.

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Because a great employer brand lets candidates know all about company culture before you even speak to them, potential applicants can more quickly turn into qualified candidates. Here are two employer branding tactics that make you a more efficient on-campus recruiter.

1. Your Company Needs To Care About Online Reviews

Let’s start with the obvious: Your company’s digital presence is paramount for employer branding. Don’t believe us? Well, 70 percent of Gen Zers look at online reviews before making any career decision. Which means that a negative employer brand is tantamount to a bad company. So, if you’re trying to meet with top talent on campus and your company has a lot of negative reviews, your job just got that much harder.   

That means you need to make sure your company asks all job candidates for feedback about the candidate experience. It should be a short survey—four or five questions, plus open-ended ones for additional feedback—so it can get accurate feedback about the interview process. In turn, potential applicants will see an accurate representation of your company’s brand.

Also, make sure someone at your company is responding to all feedback. If there’s a negative review, acknowledging it and working to solve the problem is respected by potential applicants. It shows that their voice will be heard. But don’t assume you don’t have to do any work when you get positive reviews. Again, responding to it is a must, because it reinforces that your company cares about everyone’s opinions.  Doing this could be the difference between hiring top talent—or completely missing out.

employer branding tactics

2. Redefine Your Company’s Narrative

What’s as frustrating as turning off top talent because of a negative employer brand? Not having candidates fully understand what your company does and values. Because of this, possible applicants may never turn into candidates, because even though they’re qualified, they’re unaware that you’re recruiting for their field.

Take, for example, Nasdaq. By creating content that redefined their employer brand, they got job hunters to understand they’re a fintech business. This led to more qualified STEM applicants, and it helped Nasdaq’s team save 100 hours or more per week screening unqualified applicants. So redefining your company’s narrative lets your company tell the story it wants to tell potential applicants.    

On-campus recruiting is challenging enough, but using these two employer branding tactics will make top talent want to talk to you—and make your on-campus recruiting so much more efficient.

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