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May 5, 2020
Top 7 Questions We Get About Working With WayUp
Liz Wessel, CEO & Co-Founder at WayUp

WayUp isn’t like any other early-career recruiting solution on the market. Our full-funnel virtual early-career recruiting platform helps companies of all sizes—from startups to Fortune 500 companies—find and hire the right talent. From branding and candidate attraction to targeted sourcing and candidate screening, our digital solutions and high-touch customer service plans allow your early-career team to achieve their goals.

Have questions? Here are some answers to the most common inquiries about working with WayUp. 

1. How does WayUp help employers attract top talent?

The first way we do this is through branding. We have an in-house agency that specializes in Gen Z and Millennial employer branding content. Utilizing both creative skills and talent market insights—including original research—our professionals create articles, videos, social media takeovers, and branded marketing campaigns to help your brand tell its story and attract diverse, qualified candidates. Through targeted, multi-channel distribution, your content will reach the right candidates and drive applications.

Our comprehensive candidate sourcing tool helps your team find the right candidates. Plus, our popular job platform—available on desktop as well as a mobile app—helps the right candidates find you.

2. How does candidate sourcing work on WayUp?

Our sourcing tool is the heart of our platform. There are millions of candidates and you can search for and message them based on degree type, graduation, gender and ethnicity, and even extracurriculars. All of this data is self reported and all of our features are EEOC/OFCCP compliant. In addition to being able to use the sourcing platform yourself, our team also provides concierge sourcing services. We’ll use the platform to proactively reach out to candidates who meet your qualifications and hiring goals .

We also help you with candidate screening, because even though there are millions of candidates, no recruiting team has time to sort through millions of applications. So, every candidate on WayUp answers a list of questions—predetermined by your team and their WayUp partners—with right and wrong answers. Those who pass the basic qualifications move on to the next round and those who don’t will receive a polite rejection. Either way, every applicant gets a response within 24 hours and your team only speaks to qualified candidates.

3. How is WayUp different from other early-career recruiting solutions?

There are two major types of solutions for early-career recruiting and we differentiate ourselves from those tools in a few ways.

The first are the general and school-based job boards. There, you can post a job and get tons of candidates: both qualified and unqualified. At WayUp, we’re much more focused on a targeted approach. Our goal is to deliver you qualified and diverse applicants.

The second group of solutions are Recruitment Process Outsourcers (RPOs). Even though we offer sourcing and candidate screening services, we are not an outsourcing company or platform. We work alongside our employer partners to help them reach and hire the best talent. After the candidates demonstrate that they’re qualified and interested, we pass them along to you so that you can do what you do best: spend time with qualified candidates, educate them, and get them to accept your offers.

4. How does WayUp help companies recruit diverse talent?

First of all, we have our sourcing tool, where you can source candidates based on ethnicity, gender, city, major, and more—all in an EEOC/OFCCP-compliant fashion.  So, no matter how you define diversity, we can help you achieve it. 

After we help you with getting diverse candidates into your funnel, we also help you get them through your funnel. That’s why we offer phone screening from 8am to midnight, Monday through Saturday. We know that 90 percent of candidates who schedule phone screens outside normal business hours are black, hispanic, or female candidates. What’s also really cool is that we give soft skills feedback to every one of those candidates. This combined with our educative employer branding content makes sure that all candidates are prepared for the next step in your hiring process.

5. How does pricing on WayUp work?

We have three packages: Basic, Pro, and Premium. There’s a platform fee on all three plans and then there’s a cost per qualified, interested applicant if you want us helping you with screening and some of that workflow management.

We are completely flexible, because we know every company has different budgets and different goals. Want to learn more? View our starting packages here.  

6. How do we work with different applicant tracking systems?

We’ve worked with every applicant tracking system under the sun. Whether it’s a full integration, an agency seat, a recruiter seat, or an XML feed, we’ll figure out a solution that works for your goals.

7. How do I get started?

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