Unlock Ultimate Recruiting Efficiency With The Combined Power Of Yello And WayUp
December 21, 2021

Unlock Ultimate Recruiting Efficiency With The Combined Power Of Yello And WayUp

Going into 2022: it is abundantly clear that hybrid (virtual and in-person) recruiting models and a focus on DEI, brought sharply into focus in 2020, are here to stay.  Early talent recruiters have also been adapting to shifting campus recruiting patterns and in some cases, lower job application volume.

Recruiting is challenging in the best circumstances, but navigating the new and quickly changing landscape makes finding the right students and recent grads for your roles a daunting task.  With this is mind Yello, the leader in early-talent recruitment operations and in-person recruiting events, and WayUp, the number #1 DEI sourcing platform and a leader in virtual recruiting and events, have merged. Together, we are bringing a powerful combined solution aimed to address the concerns of recruiters and create a seamless experience for candidates to market in 2022. 


Yello has been the one-stop solution for employers looking to engage early talent candidates in their pipeline, interview efficiently, and make hires for many years.  Now alongside WayUp, whether you have ten hard-to-fill requisitions or need more candidates across the board, you can automatically send jobs or in-person/virtual event invitations from Yello to WayUp users. This integration instantly expands your recruiting reach to millions of diverse candidates across the US, without copy and pasting between platforms.  With 20,000 new candidates signing up for WayUp every week, your jobs and events are going to be seen by tons of diverse talent actively looking for a job.  


Together, WayUp and Yello also help your team embrace data and consistently measure results. Automatically track which candidates came from WayUp, so you can better measure sourcing results. Leverage built-in source tracking that will instantly populate when a WayUp candidate applies for a role — so you can show candidate WayUp attribution everywhere.

Uncover and correct unconscious bias that may be present in your recruiting process with WayUp DEI Analytics. WayUp users can also learn how different aspects of your recruiting process are performing with your target candidates.  Something as benign as one knockout question on your digital screen could be pushing away more qualified and diverse candidates than you expect.  


With technology purpose-built to improve the candidate experience, the integration of Yello & WayUp will help to reduce candidate drop-off and increase the number of qualified candidates in your pipeline.  You do not want to miss out on qualified applicants due to a bad candidate experience or unconscious bias.  When candidates from WayUp apply, Yello application forms will pre-populate with their contact info — ensuring a seamless process for both recruiters and candidates, reducing drop-off.  


With unparalleled expertise in early talent and DEI recruitment, WayUp and Yello’s vision is to empower recruiters to find and hire diverse candidates — on their terms. You’ll be able to discover and engage target candidates continuously, no longer limited by campus, seasonality, expensive events, or the shifting recruiting landscape.  A partnership with Yello and WayUp means a completely integrated recruiting workflow.  Engage candidates, interview, and hire for your roles all in one place. More exciting enhancements coming in 2022 include intelligent candidate matching capabilities that go beyond existing sorting, filtering, and searching tools in both WayUp and Yello.  The collaboration between WayUp, the leading virtual DEI sourcing tool, and Yello, an Innovative CRM and a top on-campus recruiting solution, means any company we partner with is set up for success no matter what the future may bring.

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