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March 18, 2020
WayUp's Digital Solution For Campus Recruiting In The Wake Of Unprecedented Disruption
Liam Berry

Businesses around the world are facing unprecedented disruption due to the coronavirus. Most of the nation’s largest employers of college grads—like PwC, Amazon, and Intel—are canceling in-person recruiting efforts which they spent months planning for. With restrictions on travel, the closing of campuses, and work-from-home policies in place, the world of campus recruiting has completely changed overnight for many companies.

With fewer opportunities to go on campus, interview candidates in person, and provide tours of your office, you’ll need to find other ways to virtually connect with candidates while maintaining a personal touch. And that’s what WayUp offers. 

For nearly six years, WayUp has worked with thousands of employers—from Unilever to Nasdaq to Under Armour—to provide solutions that expertly balance a high-tech and high-touch approach. Our innovative hiring solutions not only help employers hit their diversity and recruiting goals, but they also help companies find new and personal ways to engage, source, and screen candidates—entirely online.

Our mission has always been to help students and recent grads find opportunities and help employers find the most qualified and diverse candidates for their roles. And for students and universities, access to our platform has always been free.

Whether your team is looking for new ways to reach diverse candidates or interview and screen candidates without losing the personal touch, WayUp is here to support you during these difficult times. We act as an extension of your team to  help you elevate your recruiting process. We can even send sourcing messages for you and help with your outreach to ideal candidates at any time. When it comes to your early-career hiring needs, we’re true partners.

Attracting Qualified Students To Your Roles–Without Attending Campus Events 

Building a strong talent pipeline in a digital-only world starts with raising awareness for your internships and entry-level positions. Many students learn about open opportunities through career fairs or other campus events. In the wake of so many campuses closing, employers can no longer rely on in-person events to meet and recruit talent. 

And with all the talk of cancellations and a potential hiring slow-down, students are growing anxious that they won’t be able to get the internships or entry-level jobs they need because of this crisis. So, how can your company help ease that anxiety AND reach top talent—without going on campus? While this may seem daunting, there are solutions.

WayUp’s free service is used by over 5.5 million students and recent grads from over 7,000 schools (Our recent article dives into the specifics of our user base.) With so much going on, we know that no recruiting professional has time to sort through hundreds or even thousands of unqualified resumes. Our platform allows recruiters to use our unique filtering capabilities to ensure your jobs are promoted only to candidates who qualify. Recruiters can also proactively source targeted groups of candidates—by everything from self-reported ethnicity and gender, to major, location, and more. 

We know that learning and using yet another new tool, especially when you're juggling many other priorities and navigating a new landscape, isn’t always feasible. So, we provide concierge sourcing based on your specific qualifications, find candidates who match your credentials and then send personalized messages inviting them to apply. Not only do you drive the scale of interest you need but you also maintain a personal touch—which is crucial as we all go digital.

Candidate attraction is essential to every recruiting team, so we’ve developed several solutions to help employers reach the candidates they’re looking for. We can help you quickly create relatable content to ensure you’re still providing personal touchpoints and give candidates an inside look at what it’s like to work at your company.

Qualifying Each Applicant And Giving Them A Personal Experience 

Many recruiters enjoy being on campus because it allows them to quickly screen candidates, interview them the next day, and even help prepare top candidates for their final round interview. Without the ability to go on campus, you can still speed candidates through the process with a high-touch and high-quality process. But that can be time-consuming when you have a million other fire drills going on.

With WayUp, our technology and applicant review tool instantaneously reviews every applicant without bias. Our tool digitally screens for criteria you determine as knockouts—then sends a personal note within 24 hours of their application, letting them know whether they’re qualified for the next step of the process or not, along with helpful feedback. This saves your team the many hours it’d take to manually review every applicant and send a personal response. 

For the candidates who are qualified, we send them branded content to prepare them for the next step, which we recommend is a phone screen—a service WayUp also provides. Our phone screening team is based in the U.S. and acts as an extension to your team. Every qualified applicant speaks to a real human, who vets them with questions you choose. Candidates even get soft-skills feedback. Speaking to a real human is greatly preferred by Gen Z, and our soft skills feedback helps level the playing field for all applicants. 

Need A Digital Recruiting Strategy? We’re Here For You.

We appreciate this is a hard time for our community, and we’re committed to helping recruiters find ways to move forward. Shifting your strategy mid-recruitment cycle can be taxing, and taking the leap to a fully digitized recruiting process can be intimidating. Still, the right partnership can make this transition prompt and painless.

Here are a few proof points from some of our customers: 

  • Johnson & Johnson’s Global VP of TA and Employee Experience, Sjoerd Gehring, says, “WayUp brings a digital solution to campus. They bring the audience and generational-relevant content that directly engages with students.” 
  • Nasdaq went almost entirely digital, moving top talent through their hiring funnel at 2X the speed and saving their team 100 hours of work per week while pulling back substantially on T&E. 
  • NECC was able to digitize its recruiting process, which opened up new channels to increase the number of qualified, diverse applicants.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific saw 3x more qualified applicants for their hard-to-fill roles in comparison to their on-campus recruiting strategy. 
  • Unilever has used WayUp to digitally recruit for over 3 years, virtually eliminating career fairs and university visits.

WayUp’s team can get you on-boarded and recruiting in as little as two weeks—and right now, that time is more important than ever.

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