What Is The Experience Of Working With A WayUp Customer Success Manager Like?
March 25, 2021

What Is The Experience Of Working With A WayUp Customer Success Manager Like?

Liz Wessel, CEO & Co-Founder at WayUp

When an enterprise company works with WayUp to achieve their D&I and hiring goals, we assign them a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who becomes their partner—a true extension to their team. Sometimes, before signing a partnership, we get asked about what the experience of working with a CSM is like. So we decided to write a brief summary.

What is the experience of working with a WayUp Customer Success Manager like?

All of our Customer Success Managers have recruiting and D&I experience before joining WayUp—most typically have between 5 to 10 years each. With their expertise, knowledge of best practices, and access to the data in WayUp’s analytics dashboards, CSMs can seamlessly help clients achieve their unique D&I and hiring goals. Here’s what the experience is like, from onboarding to routine follows up:

  • Every enterprise client gets assigned a Customer Success Manager at WayUp, an Onboarding Manager (for the first month), a Program Manager for Virtual Events, and a Branding Manager for any branded content (if applicable).
  • Your Customer Success Manager meets with you typically every other week (though some clients ask for more and some for less).
  • The Customer Success Manager’s job at each meeting is to come with a deck that includes:
  • ~ Traction toward your goals for the partnership (we try to keep this quantitative)
  • ~ Insights into D&I tactics they'd recommend
  • ~ Insights into your recruitment funnel and metrics
  • ~ Best practices they're seeing from your peers that they think you may find interesting
  • Customer Success Managers are also responsible for keeping you updated on what’s new with WayUp as well as inviting you to all of our community events—such as any relevant off-the-record roundtable talks, which we do monthly. For these events, our clients (only 10-15 people each time) get on Zoom and have a confidential chat with one another about the specific topic for that month.

What do our customers have to say about the experience? Check out these testimonials:

“Trying to organize internships within four to six months, I didn’t always have somebody I could bounce ideas off of. It’s been helpful to have this support because I’m no longer the only one in the room.” — Ingredion

“Since 2017, WayUp has been a staunch, reliable, and innovative ally in our early talent recruiting efforts. What has always impressed me about WayUp is its openness and readiness to receive feedback and activate upon it. Specifically, our CSM has been extremely flexible to our needs and schedules and truly understands what is unique about our company. She creates strategies on how to produce the best ROI to meet those needs. She is prompt, responsive, concise, and consistently brings new ideas to the table that allow us to make the most out of WayUp while also taking work off my team’s plate. Overall, WayUp has allowed us to tap into a wider pool of diverse candidates, elevated our employer branding efforts, and truly understands our pipeline and reach from a data-driven approach.” — A WayUp CPG client

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with WayUp and multiple Customer Success Managers for over five years (at my current and previous employer). Throughout all of my interactions, I have truly enjoyed working with every person I have encountered at WayUp—every individual is welcoming, inquisitive, creative, and always up for a good challenge to put their subject matter expertise to work—this includes those who are on the Customer Success team, Brand Content team, Analytics team, and even the leadership team. No matter what the question or problem, I can always rely on WayUp to help and execute thoughtfully. They listen to our concerns and thoughts, brainstorm strategies to achieve our hiring goals, provide industry trends and insights to help us establish best practices, create unique content to attract top talent, sometimes challenge us to think outside the box (which I really appreciate!), answer our many (MANY) questions day or night, and SO much more—I couldn’t ask more anything more from such great partners.” — A WayUp FinTech client

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