What Is WayUp’s Representation Of Candidates From HBCUs And MSIs?
April 30, 2021

What Is WayUp’s Representation Of Candidates From HBCUs And MSIs?

Brenna Walsh

When building a diversity-focused campus recruiting strategy, reaching candidates at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) may be a cornerstone of your plans. Hopefully, as you establish a truly inclusive recruiting process, you’re also targeting candidates from other Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). With 107 HBCUs nationwide and over 750 total MSIs, you’re probably wondering if there’s enough time in the day to source from each institution. With WayUp, there is.

What Are MSIs And Why Are They Important?

Across the U.S., MSIs enroll a variety of diverse students, with specific schools serving Tribal students (TCUs), Hispanic students (HSIs), and Asian American, Native American, and Pacific Islander students (AANAPISIs), in addition to Black students served by HBCUs. MSIs receive federal funding to expand their capacity to serve minority populations and provide immense benefits to these groups of students.

With an emphasis on diverse faculty members as well as diverse student bodies, MSIs provide a supportive environment for students (including many first-generation college students) that prepares them to succeed in the workforce or further education.

What Makes WayUp Different From Other Campus Recruiting Tools?

WayUp’s diversity sourcing platform allows you to reach candidates at nearly every HBCU and hundreds of MSIs at the click of a button. Other university job boards may feature some HBCUs and MSIs—but not all of them. In fact, a quick search online drives this point home, allowing you to filter for MSIs and to see which job boards would feature candidates from your target schools. For example, other college recruiting tools only work with approximately 45% of HBCUs. You’ll find that no other job board works with nearly every university—except for WayUp.

If part of your campus recruiting strategy is to target candidates from HBCUs and MSIs, WayUp’s concierge sourcing will source candidates from those schools. Within the 7,100 campuses and universities in WayUp’s marketplace, 96 percent of HBCUs and 95 percent of MSIs are represented. That breaks down to over 76,000 HBCU-related candidates and over 260,000 MSI-related candidates.

Having access to so many candidates at HBCUs and other MSIs through WayUp makes it easy and seamless to share your job opportunities directly with them. HBCUs tend to have small Career Services departments, and forming direct relationships can be challenging, so our sourcing tool helps to alleviate that by connecting employers directly with the students who attend these schools.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there is an abundance of diverse candidates from schools across the U.S. In fact, students from HBCUs and MSIs make up about 6% of WayUp’s total userbase, so you can not only reach those students, but so many more.

There’s no doubt—recruiting from HBCUs and MSIs is a great way to reach qualified, diverse candidates across a variety of majors. And partnering with WayUp enables you to target candidates at these schools while also providing the tools you need to improve every facet of your diversity hiring strategy and focus on finding the most qualified, diverse candidates for your roles.

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