Why The 3 Things Gen Z Wants From Employers Also Benefit Your Company
January 22, 2019

Why The 3 Things Gen Z Wants From Employers Also Benefit Your Company

Alex Csedrik

Gen Z is entering the workforce, and by 2021 they’ll comprise one-fifth of it. Just like Millennials created the need for a whole new recruitment strategy, Gen Z has its own idea of what the ideal employer offers.

Scratching your head about where to begin? Start with these three things Gen Z actually wants from employers. And remember that unless you’re offering them, Gen Z will pay as much attention to your recruiting efforts as they do to a boring Instagram post.

1. Emphasize A Nurturing, Diverse Culture

Gen Z is the most diverse generation to date, so diversity is a necessity at any company they join. Fortunately, a diverse team benefits companies by providing more creative, innovative, and effective results. In fact, the Harvard Business Review found that companies with a diverse team are 45 percent more likely to report market share growth in the past year, and 70 percent more likely to report their company captured a new market. That’s a win-win.

While this does include inherent diversity, Gen Z has a two-dimensional understanding of diversity. For them, diversity is also acquired, which individuals only gain through unique experiences like growing up in a single-parent household or living in another country and learning a foreign language. Combined, both forms create diversity of thought, which is important for Gen Z.

Additionally, quality of life is important to them. To address this, companies need to be less stringent than before. They’re looking for, among other things, a vibrant work atmosphere that fosters employee creativity. Another must to improve quality of life for employees is a flexible work station.

Remember that professional growth plays a part in quality of life, and Gen Z workers are seeking growth and professional development opportunities. Like diversity, professional development benefits companies, too. It helps businesses recruit new talent—cough, Gen Z, cough—and retain employees. Interestingly, Gen Z is less likely to job-hop than previous generations such as Millennials: Sixty-two percent of them say they’d like to stay at their first job for three years or more.

Gen Z

2. Provide Flexible Work Arrangements

We all know how hectic life gets. Gen Z wants to work for companies that not only know this, but also take action. Some of the ways you can do this are by providing flexible work hours for appointments, commutes, and family care. After all, this is a generation that grew up with technology. They’re always on, and they know how to use this as a way to teach themselves, communicate, and complete tasks, making them genuinely independent workers.

Fortunately, worker autonomy benefits companies, increasing both employee well-being and company efficiency. Autonomous workers take on more tasks without worrying about whether or not they’re in their job description.

Targeting candidates with entrepreneurial characteristics allows for increased worker autonomy. Intrapreneurs—or employees within a company who are entrepreneurial—are problem-solvers who are able to come up with innovative solutions for your company’s biggest challenges. By nature, they like to execute, not discuss ideas for hours on end. Therefore, they’re driven to take action instead of sitting in long meetings.    

3. Utilize Social Media      

Social media is a great opportunity to showcase your company culture. More than that, Gen Z believes it’s a place to connect with others in a meaningful way. Here are some statistics of the value they place on social media:

  • 82 percent use social media to talk about issues they’re passionate about.
  • 44 percent check their social media at least hourly.
  • 71 percent use it to research employers.   

So, if you want to reach Gen Z where they’re spending their time, you need to utilize social media. In fact, posting a job on social media can increase candidate applications by 30-50 percent. Keep in mind, Gen Z prefers video content, with 50 percent of them saying they can’t live without it. If you’re new to video, how-to and behind-the-scenes videos are a good place to start.

If your company has these three things Gen Z actually wants from employers, then get ready to welcome excited new workers to your team (and to watch as they benefit your company’s bottom line in the process)!

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