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December 12, 2019
Winter Recruiting Can Be Your Company's Secret Weapon
Alex Csedrik

The National Center for Education Statistics projects there will be 3,878,000 college graduates in 2019. Yet your company may inadvertently overlook a large percentage of top talent who are receiving their diplomas: winter graduates.  

Currently, many organizations aren’t taking advantage of the ROI potential winter early-career recruitment affords. While you should have always-on recruiting, this undervalued season presents a chance to get ahead of the competition for the best talent. In fact, here’s why an efficient early-career recruitment process includes attracting—and hiring—qualified candidates during this perceived “chilly” period. 

An Overlooked Talent Pool

Your company will surely see multiple benefits by increasing your winter early-career recruiting efforts. For starters, ERE claims that more than one-third of college students graduate at the end of the fall semester. That’s almost 1.3 million potential workers who are ready and eager to start their careers. 

And that’s not all. ERE also suggests that December may have 35 percent fewer job postings than the typical month. In other words, less competition for your organization to attract and hire top talent. That sounds like a winter wonderland. 

How To Engage Winter Graduates

So, the question becomes: How do you engage winter graduates? Fortunately, this undervalued season comes with many advantages. Here are ways to be opportunistic during this time of year:

  • Increase your social media presence. Potential applicants have more downtime after graduation and during the holidays—and spend it on social media. So, why not attract them where they already are?  
  • Take advantage of candidates coming home for the holidays—and set up interview times shortly after the new year.
  • Give them a holiday gift—and offer them a small signing bonus if they accept the job then. 

These tips will help your winter recruiting efforts, but there’s one major challenge you need to address first.

They Said ‘Yes’ To The Job Offer—Now What?

Unfortunately, your work isn’t done just because candidates accepted your job offer. In fact, there is a critical issue you must consider: What happens if you hire top talent in January, but their start date isn’t until the summer? You may have unintentionally increased the likelihood these qualified candidates will renege on their job offer acceptance.

But your company can take measured steps to prevent this by keeping your future employees engaged and excited about joining your organization! For example, you should share content that focuses on company-wide events, celebrations, and/or social outreach programs. Also remember to invite these soon-to-be staffers to any events that take place prior to their start date. These new hires will feel like they’re already part of the team—even before their first day. 

Bring the heat to this season by incorporating a winter recruiting strategy and see the positive impacts on your ROI.

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