3 Ways Assessments Impact Diverse Hiring
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Talent leaders aiming to level up their workforce in 2022 will face fiercer competition and two common challenges; recruiting diverse talent and ensuring that talented candidates move beyond the top of the recruiting funnel.

Join Liz Wessel Cofounder and CEO of WayUp and Nicky Garcea, I/O Psychologist/ Cofounder of Cappfinity on Tuesday, November 16th at 2PM EST for a fireside chat devoted to the role assessments play in diversity hiring and early-career recruiting.

What’s the impact of technical tests, job simulations, projects or other popular pre-employment assessments for organizations aiming to diversify their workforce? What does the data suggest? Reserve your spot today for the session chock-full of tangible tips to improve diverse hiring in 2022 and beyond.

Hosted By
Nicky Garcea
I/O Psychologist/ Cofounder of Cappfinity
Liz Wessel
Co-founder, CEO @ WayUp

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3 Ways Assessments Impact Diverse Hiring

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