Best Practices for Recruiting at HBCUs
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Recruiting from HBCUs is a great way to engage with talented, diverse candidates but not the only way to find more diverse candidates for your early-career roles. Download this webinar now for an insightful discussion about how to optimize your HBCU recruitment strategy.

Watch the candid conversation between Anthony Testman, Diversity Talent Acquisition Sourcer at IBM, Chinue Brown, Sr. Recruiter and Head of HBCU Strategy at Thermo Fisher, and Jessie Vaccaro, Senior Director of Customer Success at WayUp to learn:
    --How to set expectations for recruiting from HBCUs that align with your organization’s D&I goals.
     --The importance of building effective partnerships with HBCUs, and how to get started.
     --Why HBCU recruiting is an important piece of your holistic D&I recruitment strategy.

Hosted By
Anthony Testman
Diversity Talent Acquisition Sourcer @ IBM
Jessie Vaccaro
Director, Customer Success @ WayUp
Chinue Brown
Sr. Recruiter and Head of HBCU Strategy @ Thermo Fisher

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Best Practices for Recruiting at HBCUs

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