How To Recruit Like A Marketer
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To succeed in early-career recruiting, you must think like a marketer and treat your recruiting funnel like a marketing funnel, considering the candidate's experience every step of the way. Candidates engage with your employer brand many times on their journey through your hiring funnel, and it’s essential that your brand is strong, unique, and reflects your company’s values.

Join Jessie Vaccaro, WayUp’s Senior Director of Customer Success, and Shayla Foley, WayUp’s VP of Growth Marketing, for some actionable tips on how to look at your recruiting funnel like a marketer, including:
     --The benefits of being strategic and intentional with your employer brand everywhere from your social media to your job descriptions
     --How to nurture your talent pipeline with content and communicate in a scalable way with WayUp’s Campaign Builder tool
     --What you can learn from your existing funnel data and how to leverage that data to meet your campus recruiting goals

Hosted By
Jessie Vaccaro
Director, Customer Success @ WayUp
Shayla Foley
VP of Growth Marketing @ WayUp

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How To Recruit Like A Marketer

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