The Untapped Potential Of Military Hiring
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In a competitive hiring market, many forward-thinking companies are taking notice of a largely untapped and highly skilled workforce: veterans. Additionally, employers looking to amplify DEI should consider how veteran hiring can strengthen a comprehensive diversity recruiting strategy.

Join Scott Davis, Customer Success Lead at WayUp, and Branden Marty, Strategy & Development at Bridge My Return, for a webinar all about veteran hiring. Learn more about the many transferable skills veterans bring to the civilian workforce, and how organizations Bridge My Return and WayUp are helping employers of all kinds connect with top veteran talent. Register today to learn more about:

  • What ranks and positions within the military mean in terms of professional experience and skills
  • How veterans and spouses of veterans are uniquely equipped to apply their various skills in leadership, logistics, and more to many different kinds of civilian roles
  • How Bridge My Return and WayUp can help you connect with veteran talent and meet your company’s DEI goals
Hosted By
Scott Davis
Customer Success Manager @ WayUp
Branden Marty
Strategy and Development @ Bridge My Return

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The Untapped Potential Of Military Hiring

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