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5 Things You Must Do To Prepare for a Video Interview

More and more, recruiters are conducting interviews over video chat. It’s a very efficient and cost-saving way for recruiters to meet candidates, and it’s a convenient way for candidates to attend interviews. To give yourself the best chance of success, you should plan on treating your video interview the same way you would treat an in-person interview. Approach it with the same level of care and preparation, because it holds just as much weight.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that you nail your video interview.

1. Dress Professionally

“Dress for the job that you want to have.” Not only will this help your interviewer picture you in the role that you’re interviewing for, but it will help put you in the right mindset. Just because you’re not meeting your interviewer in the flesh does not mean you should take this as an opportunity to wear your sweats. They can still see you over the camera and you should make sure that you make a great first impression by wearing something appropriate for that position. For example, if you’re interviewing at a startup, a nice t-shirt and jeans is probably okay, and if you’re interviewing at a bank, you should be business casual.

2. Test the wifi and service beforehand 

Your interviewer will likely suggest a service like Skype or Google Hangout to conduct the interview. To ensure that there are no last-minute surprises, download the software and make an account at least a day prior to the interview. That way, if something isn’t working for you, you can politely reach out to your interviewer to let them know ahead of time. Also, make sure that you have a strong internet connection. You definitely don’t want to be cutting in and out during the interview.

Pro tip: Practice with a friend. Ask a friend to hop on the same service to test out the audio and visuals ahead of time so that you can be assured that you’re set up for success.

3. Don’t interrupt.

It can be tricky to read body language over video chat to know when your interviewer is done speaking and it’s your turn. Make sure to avoid talking over them by waiting one or two seconds after they’ve finished before giving your answer.

4. Use your computer, NOT your phone.

Though it may be tempting, your phone is not the correct device to conduct your interview on. You should be sitting at a level desk or a table. If you don’t have a personal computer, try checking one out of your school’s library and getting set up there.

5. Make sure your background isn’t distracting.

It’s fine to conduct your interview in your personal space, as long as it isn’t too personal. A pile of dirty laundry or books on your bed isn’t going to make a good impression. Instead, try to make your background as neat and non-distracting as possible. If you’re having trouble with this, try booking a private study room in your school’s library to take the interview.

With these tips, you should feel confident in your ability to impress the interviewer and nail the interview.

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