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How to Answer: Are You Willing to Relocate?

“Are you willing to relocate?” is one of the common interview questions you should be prepared to answer when you land an interview for a full-time, entry-level position. Typically, if relocation is required for a position, this is mentioned in the job description. But even if it’s not, it’s important to have a response ready in case it comes up during your interview.

Employers have several reasons for asking this question. The first, of course, is that the position you’re applying for does require you to move, or may require a transfer later on. But the interviewer may also be testing your commitment and enthusiasm for the role and the company, as well as your flexibility. Whatever the employer’s motivation for asking, you can answer honestly and still position yourself as an asset to the company.

Here are some tips for preparing your answer.

How to Answer “Yes”

If you’ve read the job description, assessed your situation and are willing to relocate, this answer is an easy one. In addition to revealing your willingness to relocate, you can also use this question as an opportunity to demonstrate what you know about the company, as well as remind the interviewer about the qualities that make you a strong candidate for the position.

Say something like: “Based on my skills and experience in this industry, I’m a good fit for this position and I’d be happy to relocate for the opportunity to work with your company.”

How to Answer “Maybe”

This is a valid answer, particularly if you don’t know what a relocation would entail. Would it be temporary or permanent? Would you be able to continue advancing your career? Will the company be helping you financially with the relocation? It might also depend on the location. Maybe you are willing to move within the United States but not internationally. If and when you receive a job offer, be sure to follow up with questions that will help you understand the specifics of the relocation.

Say something like: “I’m certainly interested in opportunities to advance my career. If a relocation would allow for that type of opportunity, I’m happy to consider it. Would this be for the New York or San Francisco office?”

How to Answer “No”

It’s not necessarily a dealbreaker if moving is not an option for you. You can be honest and present yourself as open to the idea in the future. When you answer, remain positive and explain your circumstances.

Say something like: “Unfortunately, moving is not an option for me right now. However, I can promise total commitment to the role. My circumstances may change in the future, and I would certainly consider it then.”

Having a ready answer to the question “Are you willing to relocate” demonstrates to the interviewer that you’ve thoughtfully and thoroughly prepared for the job interview. Whatever your answer, remain confident and focused on what you have to offer.

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