Career Opportunities for Advertising Majors

Despite the fact that advertising falls under the umbrella of marketing, it’s actually an incredibly flexible major that can open up all sorts of career opportunities in a variety of fields. Even better? They don’t all necessarily have to have a marketing focus.

Here are some of the many fields where you can use your advertising degree:


Since advertising is part of marketing, most advertising majors will end up in marketing-related roles once they get out into the workforce. Advertising majors can put their credentials to good use as account executives or media planners for a marketing agency, or they can work in more creative roles as art directors, copywriters or event planners. In fact, because of the substantial overlap between these two fields, advertising majors are able to fill almost all of the same roles as marketing majors.


Many advertising majors have found success working for political campaigns and other initiatives surrounding candidates, causes and policies. Knowing how to market a person or cause to a particular demographic is vital in the world of politics, and your expertise will be wildly important if you choose to enter this field.


Many of the skills you learn as an advertising major (figuring out what your audience wants and then designing and presenting a pitch that appeals to them through various platforms) can make you a dynamite member of any sales team. Whether you’re working as a sales representative, a sales operations team member or another role within this field, your advertising background will come in handy.

Public Relations

Public relations is in the same wheelhouse as advertising and marketing, so it’s a natural fit for advertising majors who want to get into the world of publicity. Career options in this field include becoming a PR strategist or account executive, developing and executing strategies to boost a brand’s public presence. Depending on the type of role you choose, you could be working either at an agency or in-house at a particular company.


If your advertising studies had a design component, you could find a successful career as a graphic designer or web designer. Your advertising background will also enable you to not only create beautiful designs but also understand the data and psychology behind why your work will resonate with a particular audience.

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