Career Opportunities for Marketing Majors

A degree in marketing opens up a lot of exciting career opportunities in fields like public relations, consulting and sales. In fact, because of the broad range of the skills you’ll develop as a marketing major, you’ll be able to add value to almost any industry, a great position to be in when it comes to finding a career that’s right for you.

Some of the most common career fields for marketing majors include:


From designing marketing campaigns focused on boosting the public profile of a certain brand to crafting engaging social media posts that will resonate with an audience, a career in marketing will give you a chance to apply the skills you learned during your major while simultaneously developing your knowledge of media trends and marketing strategies. And because there are many different kinds of marketing—such as brand marketing, content marketing and product marketing—you’ll be able to specialize in an area that really interests you.

Public Relations

Public relations is another popular field for marketing majors. Focused on helping a company or individual develop their brand identity while also generating buzz around that brand, public relations is all about storytelling and it’s a wonderful opportunity to combine your knowledge of marketing with your sense of creativity.


Working in sales will give you the opportunity to engage with customers directly, offering them the solutions they need to solve a particular problem while also making the most of the skills you developed as part of your major. A great way to apply your marketing knowledge in a hands-on way, sales is a natural fit for marketing majors who enjoy a client-facing role.


From identifying a particular business problem to offering a creative solution, consulting offers marketing majors a chance to help companies approach their marketing challenges in an analytical and creative way. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to help clients create robust marketing campaigns that will increase their brand presence and their revenue.

Product Management

Another possible career path for marketing majors is product management. This involves managing the lifecycle of a particular product and being involved in key areas of development and marketing. As a product manager, you’ll be responsible for everything from creating a roadmap for the product to designing a marketing plan and forecasting the outcome of those efforts.

Whether it’s exploring exciting opportunities within the marketing or public relations industries or helping consulting clients design effective marketing campaigns, being a marketing major can open a lot of different doors when it comes to your career. The best way to find your unique career path is to take on an internship and get a hands-on feel for a role that interests you.

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