Career Opportunities for Religion Majors

From studying ancient texts to understanding how religion shapes societies, being a religion major is a great opportunity to learn about the impact of various belief systems on our day-to-day lives. But when it comes to deciding on a career, what are the best ways for religion majors to apply their skills in the real world? For example, what career paths can you embark on with a religion major and where are you likely to be most successful?

Here are some of the most common career paths for religion majors.


Since many religion majors are passionate about one or more religious beliefs, a career as a religious functionary is a great way to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical way. By taking on a role as a minister, rabbi or another type of religious leader, you’ll able to guide followers in your chosen religion while also learning more about that religion and its impact on society.


Another common career path for religion majors is education. From teaching elementary school students to high school students, you’ll be able to translate your knowledge of history and global studies into a teaching career that can span a variety of subjects and grade levels. You can also choose to get an advanced degree in order to teach at the college level.


For religion majors who are interested in continuing along an academic path, a research-focused career can be another satisfying option. This includes research conducted for nonprofits and government agencies as well as academic research related to an advanced degree.


With their strong critical thinking and communication skills, religion majors also make wonderful lawyers, paralegals and legislative aides. In these roles, you’ll be working with clients on their respective legal cases or even advocating for policy change in a number of legislative areas.

Social Work

Another field where religion majors thrive is social work. Focused on helping clients address specific issues including drug addiction and mental health concerns, social work is a wonderful opportunity to connect with others and to make an impact in the life of those who are working to overcome personal challenges.

With its focus on big-picture issues and human relationships, a religion major is a great way to build a strong skill set while gaining exposure to a broad range of ideas. These skills and knowledge can be applied to various careers including education, research and law. If you’re wondering what type of career is best for you, consider taking an internship in a field that interests you. This will help you develop your skill set while getting some exposure to a field you’re passionate about.

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