What It’s Like To Work For The World’s Most Iconic Lifestyle Brand

Liam Berry
What It’s Like To Work For The World’s Most Iconic Lifestyle Brand
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Ralph Lauren isn’t just a clothing company. It’s a group of retail brands that design, produce, and market authentic apparel, home products, fragrance, and way, way more.

And working there isn’t just a job. It’s being part of a family that makes amazing things happen, both in the markets they serve and in the communities they work.

Here’s a look inside what makes working at Ralph Lauren so different—and a few things you might actually be surprised to learn.

1. It’s A Team Deeply Inspired By Ralph Lauren’s Dream

Ralph Lauren began his career selling ties out of a drawer in the Empire State Building. Through talent, perseverance, and an entrepreneurial spirit Ralph Lauren grew a team of like-minded creators and businesspeople and built one of the most recognizable, iconic brands in the world.

The company is built on collaborative relationships, on strong friendships, and on the collective effort of an incredibly diverse team. After all, you can’t make thousands of premium products without a team of thousands of uniquely talented people.

Teamwork is, in fact, one of the company’s biggest strengths and, as a team, Ralph Lauren  employees make a serious impact in the communities where they live and work. Philanthropy at Ralph Lauren is about more than corporate donations, it’s about the Ralph Lauren family getting together to work on causes that matter to them.

Throughout the year, RL teams around the world get out into their communities and create the change they want to see. Whether it’s supporting cancer care through Pink Pony, Ralph Lauren’s global initiative in the fight against cancer or building homes for the underserved through Habitat for Humanity, Ralph Lauren employees make a difference in their communities.

2. It’s Not All Fashion Jobs (Ralph Lauren Has A Corporate Internship Program)

Even though the Polo horseman is a fashion staple, Ralph Lauren is more than a fashion brand. Creating, marketing, and distributing the many products they offer takes a lot more than just designers.

While the team still looks for the same creative, entrepreneurial spark in all of their interns and new hires, they know that X factor comes in a ton of different forms. There are, after all, many ways to be marketer with an entrepreneurial spirit or a financial analyst with a knack for creative problem-solving.

Some of the departments hiring for the company’s 10-week, elite corporate internship program include Information Technology, Human Resources, Hospitality, Finance, and Innovation. All of these departments work with technology and utilize skills that allow them to succeed in an incredibly competitive industry—which means you’ll be working alongside the best.

Here’s why that might come in handy.

3. They’re Constantly Learning New Skills

Ralph Lauren operates in the fields of e-commerce, digital advertising, complex supply chains, and more. The company is constantly evolving to stay true to its vision and to meet the growing expectations of its customers. That means the people are constantly adapting, too.

Ralph Lauren’s culture of learning and teaching gives its employees a ton of opportunities to learn new things on the job, from their peers, and from their mentors and managers. Most of the learning comes on the job, while you’re working through new responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be left in the deep end without a lifeline. Ralph Lauren encourages collaboration, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and mentorship to ensure that you can add value to the company AND grow as a professional.

Working for a company like Ralph Lauren means learning how to apply your skills to one of the world’s most adaptive e-commerce and consumer goods brands. That’s something that will help you in tons of different careers.

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