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What Does a Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager Look Like?

If you’re thinking of becoming a social media manager, you might be wondering what your daily schedule will look like. Will you be spending all day posting on Facebook and Instagram? How much time will you need to dedicate to analytics and reporting? To help you understand the day-to-day experience of working in social media, we decided to break down the tasks social media managers tackle each day, focusing on both the more popular parts of the job and some you might not know too much about.

Here’s what the schedule of a social media manager looks like:

Morning: Checking Channels, Scanning News Sites, Creating Social Posts

Since social media runs on a 24-hour cycle, it’s important for social media managers to be aware of what’s going on with their channels at all times and to be on top of current news trends. “A lot of people think I’m just painting my nails and Snapchatting all day, but there’s so much more to it than that,” explains Juliette Dallas-Feeney, Senior Social Media Manager at Birchbox.

Checking channels

For most social media managers, the day begins with a quick check on what’s going on with all of the company’s social channels. If there are any questions or comments that require immediate responses, these are typically taken care of first thing in the morning.

Scanning news sites

Once all of the company’s channels have been checked and questions answered, social media managers normally scan news sites for breaking news stories or trending topics related to the specific industry the company is a part of.

Creating social posts

Having a handle on the day’s news is especially useful for crafting engaging posts, which is the next item on the agenda and usually wraps up a social media manager’s morning. Although this part of the day usually only takes 2-3 hours it’s one of the most important because this is the part that the brand’s community actually sees.

Afternoon: Analyzing Campaign Performance, Planning, Meetings

With social posts out of the way, social media managers generally spend the afternoon analyzing campaign performance and developing new strategies and campaigns.

Analyzing campaign performance

Tracking campaign performance is one of the keys to ensuring successful outcomes. In order to get a sense of how these campaigns are performing, social media managers use a mix of different analytics tools designed to measure engagement such as likes, shares and clicks. In turn, these factors correlate to website traffic and customer acquisition which directly affect a company’s revenue.


Strategizing and planning are two of the key areas of any social media job and something that social media managers always focus on. This part of the day generally includes creating content for current social media campaigns or planning out new strategies to test on both existing and emerging platforms.


Another key part of a social media manager’s day, and one that often goes hand in hand with planning, is attending meetings. These meetings are generally focused on ensuring that the company’s messages are consistent across all of its channels and that the social media strategy takes into account things like new product launches and company news.

As an innovative and fast-growing industry, social media offers great opportunities to represent a brand. In order to do that well, “It’s important to be able to wear many different hats and be really scrappy,” Juliette explains. By having a clear idea of what to expect in the role, you’ll be able to position yourself to land a job at a great brand like Birchbox. And when you’re ready to prepare for the interview, we have some great interview advice to help you put your best foot forward.

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