Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Journalism Majors

Being a journalism major is a great way to build communication and storytelling skills. These skills that can be applied to any number of professional industries and having them will make you a competitive candidate in whatever career you choose to pursue. If you’ve already taken on a journalism internship during your time in college, then you know that a journalism degree can open up the door to plenty of career opportunities.

Here are some of the most common entry-level jobs for journalism majors:


As a reporter, your primary responsibilities will be to researching and report on news stories. In this role, you’ll be conducting interviews, writing articles, fact-checking and networking. If you enjoy knowing about news stories right as they happen and are comfortable working with tight deadlines, this role could be a perfect fit for you.

Editorial Assistant

As an editorial assistant, you’ll be putting your speaking and writing skills to use. In this role, you’ll assist in all stages of the publishing process from helping to get stories commissioned to ensuring that writers submit their work on time. This is a role that can vary greatly depending on whether you’re working at a publishing house, a print magazine, a gossip website or a company newsletter but regardless of the publication you’re working for, you’ll be helping to curate content that is relevant to that publication. To succeed in this role, you’ll need excellent organizational skills, attention-to-detail and a passion for learning the ins and outs of publishing and digital media.

Copy editor

A copy editor plays a crucial role in the production of any print or digital publication and is responsible for ensuring that the final copy does not contain any typos or grammatical errors. As a copy editor, you’ll be on the lookout for omissions and inconsistencies in the articles you edit, as well as ensuring that the content you’re working with adheres to the particular style of the publication you’re working on. This is a wonderful role for anyone who is detail-oriented and passionate about showcasing great stories in the best possible light.

Digital Content Writer

As a digital content writer, you’ll be working with the editorial and creative higher-ups to bring marketing campaigns and strategies to life. You’ll also contribute to SEO-friendly content and develop ideas for future marketing content. This is a perfect role for a good communicator who is interested in writing engaging content.

Communications Coordinator

Your journalism major can also come in handy when it comes to landing a role as a communications coordinator, a role that involves coordinating a company’s promotional materials and social media activity, as well as building and maintaining relationships with media outlets. From writing press releases to organizing and overseeing promotional events, a communications coordinator strengthens the communication between the client, the company’s customers and the media. This is a great role for anyone interested in helping companies develop their public presence.

Being a journalism major will give you the skills you need to become a competitive candidate in almost any industry. The key to finding an entry-level job that works for you is knowing what you’re passionate about and what you can expect from the role. By having a solid understanding of some of the most common job opportunities for journalism majors, you’ll be one step closer to landing your dream job.

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