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Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Education Majors

If you’re an education major with a passion for teaching others, you might be wondering about the various career paths you can take after graduation. Should you apply for a job as a high school or elementary school teacher or look for a position in a related field like the nonprofit sector? The answer depends on your interests but the great news is that education majors are very much in demand.

Here are some of the most common entry-level jobs for education majors:

High school teacher

As a high school teacher of one or more subjects, you’ll make lesson plans, grade student assignments and prepare students for state-required standardized tests. You’ll also work with students both inside and outside the classroom on class projects related to the subjects you teach. A job as a high school teacher can be fun, challenging and creative because you’ll be constantly learning as you teach. This is a great role for someone who wants to work with teenagers and help them develop the skills and motivation needed to succeed in college and beyond.

Elementary school teacher

An elementary school teacher makes learning fun by engaging students and helping them grasp the fundamentals of different subjects. Even more importantly, elementary school teachers encourage students to express themselves, think creatively, solve problems and act empathetically. Being an elementary school teacher is wonderful opportunity to help young students build confidence and develop a genuine love of learning.


As a high school or college counselor, you’ll offer students one-on-one attention on their academic coursework and their personal and professional goals. If you’re working at a college or university, you could also offer advice on financial aid and help with career-related decisions. This is a great position for someone interested in helping students navigate the challenges that come along with their academic lives.

Nonprofit coordinator

As a coordinator at a nonprofit, you’ll use your interpersonal skills to organize and execute programs and events. You could also work as an education coordinator, helping to coordinate educational activities and review existing educational initiatives. You might also be in charge of coordinating programs with family and community organizations and monitoring program evaluations. This is a great role for someone interested in working for a nonprofit and someone who thrives in a position where they can help others.

Teaching assistant

As a teaching assistant at an elementary school or high school, you’ll assist teachers with class preparation and grading, as well as help students who need additional help. This is a great role for someone who is interested in working with students in a hands-on way or someone who is considering becoming a teacher and wants to get some additional experience in a classroom environment.

No matter what type of entry-level job you decide to apply for, as an education major you’ll be in the unique position of being able to make a significant social impact. To find out which role is right for you, consider taking on an internship to get the kinds of skills and exposure you need to make your decision.

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