What Types of Skills Are Best for a Health and Medicine Major?

If spending all day deep in the world of science and getting to help people along the way sounds like the perfect career to you, majoring in something health- or medicine-related may be the right fit. But before you officially dive into that world, here are 5 important skill sets that successful health and medicine majors have.

Science and quantitative skills

It goes without saying, but health and medicine majors need to have serious science and quantitative chops to work in their fields. Most of your classes will be related to science (and sometimes math), so if you feel that these are strongest subject areas, you could definitely keep up with the rigor that comes with health and medicine majors.

Interpersonal skills

Regardless of what part of the health or medical field you end up going into, you’ll be working with patients and other healthcare professionals constantly, and being able to be calm and helpful at all times is an important skill.

You’ll have to show this same level of dedication to working and getting along with others during your health and medicine studies, both in the classroom and on the ground if your major requires you to work at a clinic, hospital or other facility that provides health care.

Attention to detail

Medicine is a detail-oriented field, so health and medicine majors are meticulous when it comes every part of the process. From filling out paperwork to working with real patients, you’ll need to make sure your T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted every step of the way if you want to be successful in college and beyond.

Problem-solving skills

At the end of the day, health and medicine are about solving the numerous issues that others deal with, and often you’ll have to think of creative and unique solutions to help. Health and medicine majors are people who are excited by taking on new challenges and finding interesting ways the conquer those challenges.

Ability to work well under pressure

Whether it’s taking difficult exams or trying to diagnose a patient, health and medicine majors are constantly being pushed to their limits to find answers quickly. If you like the feeling of working at a fast pace and handle pressure well, you won’t be phased by whatever comes your way throughout your college years.


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