Natural Sciences

What Types of Skills Are Best for a Natural Sciences Major?

Do you love the sciences but aren’t sure what goes into being an amazing natural sciences major? Here are the top three skills you need to have to thrive in the major and feel confident heading into the workforce after graduation.

Strong math and science skills

It sounds obvious, but it bears discussion: Natural sciences majors need to have incredibly robust math and science skills to succeed in this major. Your course of study will depend on which science or sciences you focus on, but regardless of your concentration you’ll be spending a lot of time in science and math classes, going to help sessions and working in a lab.

Lab skills

Having strong math and science skills doesn’t immediately translate into stellar lab skills. Lab technique is gained over time and requires the ability to be meticulous and detail-oriented. Additionally, “lab technique” isn’t just how you perform in a physical laboratory; it covers field work, sample and data collection and everything else that has to do with actual experimentation. The bottom line? You’ll need to be willing to take your time and make sure your results are accurate no matter what you’re studying.

Project management skills

Typically students who major in natural sciences are working on at least one bigger project at any given time, and it’s not enough just to know the science behind the experiments; it’s just as important to know how to run an efficient, organized and accurate set of experiments. Thus, natural sciences majors need to know how to manage their time and also any lab work and writeups they’re doing. For example, if you’re working on a major research project that includes other peers, how do you organize yourselves? How will you write your report? How will you schedule and prioritize experiments?

Having strong project management and research skills is one of the key ways to ensure that you’ll be able to handle all of the requirements of this major from completing lab work to keeping group projects organized.

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