2024 Biology Entry-level Jobs

Biology entry-level jobs are currently available in a wide range of areas and professional settings. In fact, there are so many opportunities for biologists that it’s an excellent time to go into the field. Biologists work in research and traditional hospitals, at colleges and universities, in state and national agricultural departments, in large laboratories, in private medical practices, and many other locations. With such diverse working conditions, it is understandable that all biology jobs would be different in nature and thus have different pay ranges, different rates of growth, and different job descriptions and requirements. Perhaps, for example, your interest in jobs in biology lies in wildlife biology. These biologists might work in a zoo or out in nature with actual wildlife in the truest sense of the word. They perform research and conduct studies and seek to gather important information that will help to ensure the health and growth of different species. These biologists do fairly well in the field, earning an average of around $57,430 per year. And, as of 2010, there were approximately 19,800 jobs fitting this description, though the growth rate for such positions is somewhat slow (around a 7% increase expected by 2020). If animals aren’t your area of interest, there are other, more suitable entry-level jobs in biology, some of which pay far more. Biochemists and biophysicists, for example, tend to make around $79,390 per year on average, and this is an excellent field to go into, with job prospects expected to increase a whopping 31% by 2020. As you can see, the field is diverse in terms of growth and opportunity, but with effort and dedication, it is possible to find your perfect career match.

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