2024 Human Resources Entry-level Jobs

If you’d like to be on the other side of the hiring process, then entry-level jobs in human resources are for you! These professionals work to find and place the right employees with the right employers. They may work for one company or for an outside placement agency and responsibilities will vary from one position to the next. One popular job in human resources, for example, is human resources specialist. Specialists do the tough working of finding candidates for various job positions, screening and interviewing them, and then helping them make the transition from job-seeker to employee. In some cases, human resources specialists may also handle pay and other employee-related responsibilities. The average human resources specialist will make around $52,690 per year. Even better news is that there’s a growing demand for these professionals, and opportunities for human resources specialists are expected to grow a massive 21% by 2020. Other human resources entry-level job positions are in high demand as well. It’s expected that 13% more human resources managers, for example, will be needed by 2020. Human resources managers have many of the same job responsibilities as human resources specialists but, in addition to those responsibilities, they also direct and supervise other human resources employees. Their extra work is well-rewarded, however, with the average human resources manager making around $99,180 per year. If you’re not quite ready for the responsibility of being a specialist or a manager, consider becoming a human resources assistant and helping these professionals with their many pressing tasks. As an assistant, you can still earn around $38,340 per year; plus, you’ll be learning from the pros! In fact, any human resources job you can get that allows you to observe and work directly with those in higher positions is valuable because it can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to truly succeed in the industry.

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