2021 Internships in Washington

Internships in Washington State place you in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, where you’ll find the Olympic Mountains and the iconic Mt. Rainier, lush rainforests, and salmon runs on the Columbia River. Called the Evergreen State for a reason, Washington keeps itself fresh with a healthy amount of rain, but that doesn’t cramp its outdoorsy lifestyle. Several cities make up the state’s eclectic character. Yakima exports apple, wine, and hops from the valley. Spokane, in eastern Washington, brings you the great Monroe Street Bridge and serves as the area’s industrial center. Then there’s the former logging town of Seattle, which has evolved from a shipbuilding center, to an economic force with the arrival of Boeing, to today’s technology hotspot. Washington internships could very well make you a part of Seattle’s urban scene. Enjoy the city’s rich cultural history rooted in literature (the architecturally stunning library says it all), music (grunge rock icons Nirvana and Pearl Jam got their start here), and coffee (visit Pike Place Market to see the first Starbucks). A Washington internship could just as easily pair you with a behemoth like Microsoft, Amazon, or Nintendo as with a small company preaching sustainability. A tech-savvy state, Washington has also helped pioneer the green movement and made sustainable design part of its state initiative, so if environmental, economic, and social systems concern you, take a look at these internships in Washington.

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