2021 Part-time Jobs in New York, NY

Part-time jobs in New York City span nearly every industry and are especially prominent in the financial services, retail, and healthcare sectors. As one of the largest economic centers in the world, there are few lines of work that can’t be found in New York, making it an ideal place for students and recent grads to gain experience. Tourism generates a great deal of revenue for the city and retail stores are always looking for part-time employees to help customers take home the latest fashion trends. Unlike many other cities, the particularly high demand for sophisticated taste makes retail consulting jobs and personal shopper positions widely available. NYC part-time jobs are plentiful and lucrative. Since New York is one of the most densely populated cities in the country, many opportunities in childcare and medical assistant roles can be found part-time. Finance and banking often lead to lucrative careers. And no one comes to New York without plans for a dining experience, be it a top-rated restaurant or a small neighborhood favorite, so restaurant jobs are a fantastic opportunity for immediate part-time work in the city. If you have an empire state of mind, search our 2020 listings to find a part-time job in New York that matches your interests.

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