21 Job Titles For STEM Majors (That Aren’t Engineer)

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Liam Berry
21 Job Titles For STEM Majors (That Aren’t Engineer)

STEM is about so much more than just the E!

Those studying to be scientists, technologists, mathematicians, and everything in between are all considered STEM majors. And if you’re one of them, then you’re in one of the most sought-after groups of talent.

Are you a STEM person who’s not sure what comes next? Here are some job titles (and postings) that you can use to help launch an amazing career. There are so many things that can be done with STEM skills, so don’t limit yourself and explore away!

1. Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence is all about using data and analytics tools to determine pain points and opportunities for a business. Use both your analytical skills and your business acumen.

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2. Data Scientist (Or Data Science Analyst/Associate)

Data science professionals, much like their Business Intelligence counterparts, employ data to the benefit of a business. However, Data Science people use more than just your standard analytics tools. Those in the field often deploy tools powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in order to deal with massive quantities of data.

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3. Project Manager

This field is about deploying both business sense and technical know-how. Project Managers can be responsible for everything from executing on the creation of a new service or product to optimizing the production process of an existing one.

It’s about making sure a team works the way it should to accomplish the most it can for the business.

4. Supply Chain Analyst

Supply Chain is a field for organized, intelligent people with a sense of how systems ought to work. Engineers, programmers, and especially people with logistics or business experience will find themselves well-equipped for roles in this industry.

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5. Corporate Financial Analyst

Want to put your math and statistics skill to use? Corporate finance is about understanding and regulating the flow of money within an organization. You could be responsible for all things finance from accounting to budgeting to corporate investment.

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6. Business Management Consultant

Consulting is as much a numbers game as it is a business pursuit. You’re working with clients to optimize their businesses (and fast). It’s a lucrative, highly competitive industry and STEM talent is always needed.

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7. Assurance Accountant

Almost as competitive as consulting, working in Assurance for a top accounting firm means a rewarding, challenging career. Utilizing your math and analysis skills is a must!

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8. Corporate Banking Analyst

Corporate Banking means managing the money entrusted to your financial services firm by another corporation. It also means managing lines of credit, the financing of new business opportunities, and more. It’s a great finance field for those with math skills and strong business interests.

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9. Financial Analyst

This is similar to the role of a Corporate Financial Analyst, but in this type of role you instead work for a slate of clients or investment funds while under the umbrella of a financial services firm.

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10. Business Analyst

This is a straight-up business role for those with math, IT, and business skills. Use analytics, business acumen, and analysis to contribute in a variety of ways (usually) to major corporations.

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11. Investment Analyst

You’ll be using business and analysis skills, but in this field, it’s also about combining that expertise with well-researched knowledge of the markets. You’ll find Investment Analyst jobs at major financial services firms and hedge funds.

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12. Wealth Management/Portfolio Analyst

Apply analytics and investment skills to the portfolios of clients and corporations. Find out what it takes to be in the field of wealth management.

A great place to start is this role:

13. Technology Client Services

Client Services is a field for people who want to work in a field that sits between technology and client management. People who work in Client Services are dedicated to the success of clients and customers by helping them use their companies’ tech/product to the fullest.

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14. Scientist

What’s a more classic STEM role than this? Put your research and analysis skills to the test with a job in the hard sciences at any number of companies. You could be formulating different ways of making existing products or formulating entirely new ones.

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15. Quality Control Analyst

Quality Control is more than just checking to see if something works. It’s a science that requires immense technical knowledge and the aptitude to design systems that ensure quality at scale.

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16. Research & Development

Research & Development combines science, tech, and the entrepreneurial spirit into one of the most exciting jobs in consumer and business goods.

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17. Tax Accountant

Tax Accountants are both math geniuses and experts on the legal rules of play for corporations. Use your analytical brain and capacity for vast quantities of info to start an amazing career that’s always in demand.

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18. UX Design

Are you a coder with a creative streak? UX Design is a creative tech role. How should tech products look and feel for users? That’s up to you to figure out. Write copy, code, and make the user experience on your site, app, or product feel amazing.

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19. Technology Sales

Do you have tech knowledge and all the charisma of a liberal arts major? Tech sales might be the perfect way to launch your career in tech.

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20. Product Manager

Product Management is a field at the intersection of business and tech. As a Product Manager, you organize the workflow of engineering teams to ensure the product is always moving ahead at full speed.

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21. Network Architect

Network Architecture is the design and implementation of data and traffic-handling systems for companies and clients.

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