6 Benefits Of Working At Verizon

Liam Berry
6 Benefits Of Working At Verizon
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There’s a lot that goes into finding your first job. Perks, mentors, pay, and culture are all key factors. Picking a summer internship isn’t much easier because there’s a good chance that you could return after graduation to start something full-time.

We’ve decided to make the decision a little easier. If you’re someone with a tech or business background, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to work at a company that shatters industry standards (after setting them, of course), then you’ve come to the right place.

Verizon might be your dream company—and here are just six reasons why:

1. A Mission You Can Believe In

When you work at Verizon, your mission is using tech to help people communicate, create, understand, and do more. A lot of companies say their products help make the world go round, but at Verizon, their network actually does. What’s more noble than that?

2. Really, Really Great Training & Development

Verizon invested nearly $240 million on training and helping their employees develop new skills in 2017 alone. That kind of commitment translates into valuable development that makes you a better employee and an even more important part of the Verizon team. Whether you’re interested in leadership and management skills, technical disciplines, or just becoming a better team player, Verizon offers training and development opportunities to help employees reach the potential they saw from the start.

And if all that training isn’t enough, Verizon also may offer tuition assistance for regular employees who want to continue pursuing education while working.

3. Philanthropy That Matters

At Verizon, giving back is part of the company culture. One great example: Verizon Innovative Learning. Partnering with underfunded schools, Verizon has committed more than $400 million to help kids utilize technology to level the educational playing field.

4. A Nice Employee Discount (On All The Best Stuff)

What do we use more than our smartphones and WiFi? Probably nothing. So, getting an employee discount on Verizon products can make your life that much better. As a regular employee, not only will you have the best—but you’ll get it at a great price point.

5. Diversity & Inclusion That Makes Working More Collaborative

At Verizon, diversity and inclusion are incredibly important. Verizon stays innovative by bringing so many different kinds of people and minds to the table. Your viewpoint is unique, and that’s why Verizon hired you (and why Verizon is at 59 percent workforce diversity).

6. Work With The Most Important Emerging Tech

Whether it’s 5G wireless service that will help shape the future of tech, cloud services, or even cybersecurity, Verizon employees touch so many different fields of emerging tech. With Verizon’s commitment to both innovation and excellence, you’ll be way ahead in many areas of tech you’re hoping to enter while you’re on the team.

What Else Can Verizon Offer You? Find Out For Yourself

With all of these incredible opportunities and unbelievable benefits, Verizon is a place people love to work. But more than any perk or benefit, Verizon employees love it because what they do challenges them, excites them, and puts them in a position where they can grow along with the company.

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