How To Source More Qualified, Diverse Candidates In Less Time
October 16, 2020

How To Source More Qualified, Diverse Candidates In Less Time

Sonya Matejko

Shifting your hiring process and embracing virtual recruiting can feel intimidating. From onboarding and training your team on new tools to rethinking your overall hiring strategy — we know these things take a lot of time and effort, and, at WayUp, we strive to make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to meet all of their goals (in far less time). 

When it comes to rethinking your strategy and going virtual, one of the biggest pain points we hear from our clients is the ability to source top, qualified early-career candidates and meeting diversity goals. Especially now, when career fairs have gone virtual, and diversity is even more top of mind, effectively sourcing the right candidates for open roles is more crucial than ever. 

We know that, in a remote world, there are even more opportunities to source diverse candidates all over the country — and increasing your reach is a huge win toward achieving your diversity goals. We also know that, when you’re rethinking and elevating your hiring funnel, the most significant piece to the puzzle is in how you source your candidates. 

To solve this crucial challenge and fill in this puzzle piece, WayUp launched Automated Concierge Sourcing, an innovative and efficient tool for employers to help you source qualified and diverse early-career candidates — faster than ever.

What is Automated Concierge Sourcing? 

Automated Concierge Sourcing gives employers full access to WayUp’s user base of millions of candidates who self-report on demographic data such as major, ethnicity, school, and location. The sourcing tool allows employers to target candidates based on each role, including anything from the demographic data mentioned above to gender to grad year and more — there are 52 unique data points in total that the tool can target.  

The innovative candidate-matching technology coordinates with the client’s qualifications and diversity goals to source the most qualified candidates. The platform uses the self-reported data in candidates' profiles to understand the candidates' demographics and then leverages the digital screening questions to measure a candidate's unique qualifications. This automation results in employers filling their candidate pool with top, diverse, and qualified candidates that meet their requirements. Think of this as the perfect compliment to your sourcing — a system that’s constantly working in the background for your team.

How does Automated Concierge Sourcing work? 

The candidate-matching technology is completely customizable based on your unique goals. As a first step, the client provides qualifications for each of their roles, including their diversity goals. From there, the platform monitors the applicant profiles coming in against your diversity and qualification requirements, and the system automatically makes adjustments to the candidate targeting to ensure you meet those goals consistently. 

For example, if your goal is to reach gender parity for candidates applying for your software engineer role, the Automated Concierge Sourcing tool will automatically target and proactively message more female candidates if it notices that there are significantly more males falling into your candidate pool (and will continue to do so until you meet that gender parity threshold). 

And we can take it a step further. Let’s say you were looking for your software engineers roles to be based in Boston, specifically. Every time a matching candidate registers a new profile on the WayUp platform, our system automatically matches them and proactively messages them about your open role — saving you time from needing to find a candidate manually.

Another unique way this sourcing tool has proved to be effective in today’s environment is through virtual recruiting events. By leveraging this candidate-matching technology, employers can be extremely targeted with their virtual events by sourcing only top, qualified candidates to attend. Using this tool, employers can ensure that candidates who participate in virtual events are qualified and achieve overall diversity goals.

What are the benefits of using Automated Concierge Sourcing? 

There are many values that this feature provides employers. Not only does this feature help you meet your diversity goals, but it helps you and your entire team save a ton of time. Using the tool, you no longer need to wait for analysis or constantly review your applicant pool because the system will monitor it for you in real-time, adjust based on the data in your recruiting funnel, and proactively message the right candidates for you. 

As a compliment to your existing sourcing, the Automated Concierge Sourcing tool could generate up to 50% of your diverse candidate pool — meaning that, even on the days you don’t login, there are always qualified and diverse candidates applying to your open roles.

On top of saved time sourcing, your team also doesn’t have to spend any time learning a new tool. Instead, your team can embrace a high-tech and high-touch approach by automating your candidate sourcing. This means that, instead of wasting time on tasks that could be automated, you can spend more time with your qualified candidates and focus your attention on the rest of the recruitment process — like the candidate experience and ensuring diverse talent is moving through your funnel — which we know is so important for meeting diversity goals.

With less time spent sourcing, you have the opportunity to focus more effort on high-touch moments with your top candidates — whether it’s providing more personalized feedback or providing prep materials or even engaging with candidates on social media — with the Automated Concierge Sourcing tool, you’ll have more time to do more of what matters.

And, what’s more is that, if you’ve integrated with us, we can send you only qualified candidates straight to your ATS. (Yes, it really is that easy!) 

Who has had success using Automated Concierge Sourcing?

While the majority of our clients use Automated Concierge Sourcing and see major success, one recent success study comes to us from Bloomberg. As many early-career hiring teams know, the pandemic forced every campus recruiting team to go virtual. 

And even though the team at Bloomberg was already transitioning toward a more virtual campus recruiting strategy, the drastic shift to virtual left them looking for a solution that would allow them to personally connect with qualified candidates without in-person campus events. 

Within the new landscape, they had a two-fold goal: (1) a new way to source diverse talent — especially for open tech roles, and (2) engage with students, make connections, and give personal pitches to students and recent grads.

Virtual events were an obvious solution, and Bloomberg decided to expand its existing partnership with WayUp to host three Virtual Info Sessions. Of course, WayUp’s Automated Concierge Sourcing was the perfect tool to help easily source qualified and diverse early-career candidates to attend these sessions. And the results speak for themselves: 302 total attendees and 94% Black and Latinx candidates joined Bloomberg’s virtual info sessions!

Want to learn more about Bloomberg’s results using Automated Concierge Sourcing? Get the full scoop and exclusive insights by watching a recording of our webinar or reading the case study with Bloomberg's Campus Recruiter and the Head of America's Entry Level Business Recruitment.


From meeting your diversity goals to giving you time back with qualified candidates to saving your team a bunch of time while complimenting your sourcing, WayUp’s Automated Concierge Sourcing tool is exactly what you need for a long-term solution to your virtual campus recruiting strategy.

We bet that — by now  — your next question is, how do I sign up? Well, just like Automated Concierge Sourcing, we’ll make it easy for you. If you’re an employer who’d like to learn more, fill out the form below or simply email us at

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