The most comprehensive suite of actionable D+I dashboards available to recruiters

Get real-time analytics on how diverse candidates are getting through your recruitment process.

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WayUp D&I Analytics Screen

Uncover and correct unconscious bias throughout the stages of your recruitment process

D&I Analytics will provide you with unique insights into your candidates and hiring process. See demographic breakdowns of your candidates by stage and monitor how candidates of different ethnicities or genders are progressing through your recruiting funnel.

Understand what kinds of candidates are engaging with your jobs and branded content

Use D&I Analytics to see how candidates of different backgrounds are engaging with your content and brand, and even get an understanding of whether some of your job descriptions are turning off specific candidates.

Filter dashboards by job listing, department, and date to improve your D&I metrics for key positions

Understanding where your applicants come from for key roles will allow you to make informed decisions about the best ways to promote your jobs. Armed with data, you can tailor your strategy to meet your D&I goals.

Arm yourself with data to inform your campus recruiting strategy

Understand what schools are bringing you qualified, diverse applicants to make informed decisions about your campus recruiting strategy. Reevaluate what you think you know about your core schools with comprehensive data from your top campuses and schools across the country.

Analyze your hiring funnel and identify trends by gender and ethnicity, including:

How your job descriptions may turn off candidates of a specific race or gender

Which candidate sourcing channels are performing the best against your diversity and quality goals

Which steps of the hiring funnel are driving the highest drop-off for diverse candidates

Which schools are sending the most qualified and diverse candidates to apply for your positions

+ much more

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