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How to Answer: Would You Work Holidays And/Or Weekends?

There are several questions you might encounter during an interview for an internship or entry-level job. One question you’re likely to come across, particularly if you work in the hospitality or retail industries, is “Would you work holidays and/or weekends?”

Why do employers ask this? It’s to gauge your flexibility and your ability to juggle work and other commitments. In some cases, your answer can directly affect whether you’re hired for a position.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare your answer.

1. Be realistic about your time.

If the employer is looking for someone who can be available 24/7, and you know that just isn’t feasible for you, be honest from the start rather than having that miscommunication later. It’s much easier to take on more work later than to scale back after you’ve agreed to perform the job.

Say something like: “I have no problem with working on holidays or weekends as long as I can set my schedule as far in advance as possible.”

Pro Tip: Don’t give more detail than necessary. If your grandma has already asked for your help executing Thanksgiving this year, that’s wonderful, but your future employer doesn’t need to know.

2. Know your limits.

Remember that the employer has needs too, one of which is the confidence that a candidate can fulfill all of a job’s requirements—time commitments being one of them. Still, most employers will work with you around legitimate concerns and/or scheduling issues if they feel as though you are the best person for the job and you’re straightforward with them about your scheduling needs from the start.

Say something like: “Unfortunately, because of my family commitments, I can’t commit to working every holiday, but I could definitely give up some when the company needs it.”

By demonstrating flexibility and commitment to the position, you’ll impress the interviewer and get one step closer to landing the job.

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