Career Opportunities for Sociology Majors

While being a sociology major might seem like a broad course of study, the great thing about this major is that it helps you build a diverse skill set and prepares you for a number of different careers including politics, social work and education. And because of its broad scope, it also allows you to understand the social implications of your work and to seek out opportunities that align with your passions.

Some of the most common career fields for sociology majors include:

Social work

Sociology majors are usually people who are dedicated to helping others and making the world a better place, so they will often turn to social work as a means of making that happen. And since they have a solid understanding of the complex issues affecting the people they work with, sociology majors can be especially effective in this type of role.


Because they desire change, many sociology majors also work in politics, either trying to enact change as policymakers or working behind the scenes to get politicians elected or to promote causes and bring them to the attention of influential figures.


After seeing the big problems society is dealing with, many sociology majors turn to activism as a way of effecting change on a large scale. Activism comes in many forms, including working for a nonprofit that specializes in promoting a particular cause or becoming an advocate in Washington D.C.


Sociology can also be a great foundation for a journalism career. By doing field work and analyzing data, you’ll learn how to find subjects, approach them and get the information you want. Additionally, sociology gives you exposure to a variety of societal problems and this can help you figure out your journalistic focus. For instance, if you’ve taken lots of criminal justice courses in college, writing for the crime beat is an easy transition.


Many sociology majors go on to become experts in a particular group or type of behavior. For instance, a professor could focus on social movements and how they have and haven’t changed over time. Another professor could study something as specific as rap music over the course of the 1990s and what that means for society today.


On many occasions, incensed by the huge societal problems at hand, sociology majors will turn to the legal profession as a way of making an impact. While some choose to go to law school to become lawyers, others decide to become paralegals, probation officers or investigators. All of these positions are a critical part of the criminal justice system and a natural fit for those who are passionate about social issues.


Sociology majors also go into education in the hopes of making a difference in the lives of both young people and adults. While secondary and postsecondary education (high school and college) are the most popular teaching areas, sociology majors can be found in teaching positions across all grade levels. In many cases, young graduates may turn to teaching nonprofits (for example, Teach For America) to become certified educators.

Whether it’s exploring compelling opportunities within the legal profession or discovering the exciting world of journalism, being a sociology major can open up the door to many different careers. The best way to find out which one is right for you is by taking on an internship and seeing which type of career fits your interests.

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