Types of Internships for Education Majors

Being an education major gives you the skills you need to teach both children and adults. It’s a great career for those who are interested in the educational development of others and who are driven by helping their students succeed. If you’re currently working towards completing your major in education, taking on an internship will give you some wonderful insights into the career paths available to you after graduation.

Here are some of the most common internships for education majors:

Department of Education internship

Government internships offer a lot of great benefits, especially if you’re interested in educational policy and administration. For instance, Department of Education internships include an internship on educational policy with the potential to take on projects related to policy analysis, research and community outreach. This is a great internship for someone interested in policy administration who wants to make an impact at a national level.

Educational nonprofit internship

An internship at a nonprofit is a great opportunity for learning and growth, allowing you to take on roles within and outside your area of expertise. From grant writing to planning presentations and assisting with fundraising events, you stand to gain a ton of experience while also building your skill set. Education-related nonprofits, from youth homes to online education platforms, allow you to apply what you’ve learned in school while giving you the satisfaction of working towards a great cause. This is a wonderful internship for someone who is considering going into the nonprofit sector.

Elementary school or high school internship

Internships in the administrative department of an elementary school or high school will give you exposure to what a career in administration looks like. Your responsibilities may range from basic clerical tasks such as gathering and compiling data to coordinating deadlines for projects and recommending solutions for identified problems. In addition, you may also get the opportunity to attend professional meetings and sit in on classes in your chosen subject area.

Ed-tech internship

If you’re passionate about revolutionizing education with technology and media, an internship at an ed-tech company could be just right for you. These internship openings can be found at ed-tech companies focusing on everything from online learning courses to learning-based apps. Your responsibilities may include content production or marketing depending on the specific type of internship you apply for. You may also contribute to brainstorming sessions and monitor and analyze user engagement to optimize the learning process. An internship in the ed-tech field is great for anyone interested in a career not solely focused on teaching or administration.

College campus internship

Colleges offer on-campus internships in areas such as admissions, alumni relations, student life or even career development. Depending on which office you end up interning with, your responsibilities may vary from more administrative tasks to more research-based ones. Some types of internships you may find on campuses include being a marketing intern, a graduate programs intern or a summer research intern. Whether you’d like to pursue teaching, administration or research, internships across college campuses present a lot of opportunity for learning about higher education.

By taking on one or more internships during your time in college, you’ll gain valuable exposure within the field of education and beyond. This is a wonderful way to build your skills and increase your professional experience, while also helping you to carve out a career path that’s right for you.

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