Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Architecture Majors

Graduating with an architecture degree is an incredible accomplishment and one that opens doors to a lot of fantastic opportunities in the world of architecture and beyond. If you’ve already had a paid or unpaid internship in the field, then you have some idea of what to expect once you enter the workforce as a full-time employee. Even if you don’t, there are many great job opportunities that you should consider as you embark on your career path.

Here are some of the best entry-level jobs for architecture majors.

Assistant urban designer

If you’re interested in urban planning, working as an assistant urban designer is the perfect way to get started. There are openings at both public and private companies, and you will gain exposure to a range of responsibilities including surveying land, expanding or renovating a facility to meet present-day needs or even developing a transportation network. You will also likely be making presentations to community leaders and the public to raise awareness about plans for an upcoming project.

Assistant city planner

As an assistant city planner, you’ll be contributing to the process of determining the best use of the city’s land and resources. From gathering community input to preparing reports, drafting legislations, constructing new public housing and conserving the environment, there’s a lot you can learn in this position. And as you move through your career, you may go on to specialize in environmental or urban design, transportation planning or in other facets of city planning.

Junior architectural designer

This entry-level position offers a great start for aspiring architects. Your responsibilities will include ensuring the feasibility of building designs by using computer aided drafting, and working on different aspects of design with the principal architect and design team.

Project architect

As a project architect, you’ll make sure the project is completed on time and to the satisfaction of the client. You’ll also coordinate with your team, communicate with clients, work with designs and come up with an estimate of the budget.

Residential architect

If you’re employed as a residential architect, you’ll specialize in designing and building residential properties. Because of the differences between commercial and residential architecture, you may have more flexibility with your projects and could be self-employed, work for an architectural or construction company or be a real estate developer.

Graphic designer

The skills you’ve gained from your architecture major can be used in graphic design, helping an advertiser, public relations firm or small business communicate their message to the public.

Because of the varied skills gained during your major, graduating with a degree in architecture will allow you to apply your planning, problem-solving and design skills in a range of environments, giving you the opportunity to explore several opportunities and find the best fit for you.

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