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January 1, 2021
5 Ways WayUp Got Even More Powerful In 2020
Brian Mayer

Helping Recruiters Reach D+I Goals & Provide A World-Class Candidate Experience — Virtually

As VP of Product & Analytics at WayUp, I have the privilege to lead the most innovative, forward-thinking, and hardest working product team in all of HR tech. Every year, our product managers, data analysts, and engineers work hard to make timely, relevant, and impactful tools available to recruiters so employers who work with us can hire the most qualified and diverse candidates. And this year was no exception.

When we launched in 2014, we became a pioneer in virtual campus recruitment. Since then, we’ve helped thousands of companies (like Nasdaq, Unilever, and Under Armour) virtually recruit top, diverse early-career talent. So when we were faced with major changes in the hiring market in 2020, WayUp was ready. We moved quickly to help our employer partners adapt their virtual recruiting experience and make diversity and inclusion a top priority.

Here’s a look back at some of WayUp’s most powerful product releases for D+I hiring that gave all candidates an unmatched experience in 2020. 

1. D+I Actionable Analytics Suite 

Ever want to know where your D+I drop-off or challenges are happening in your recruitment funnel? Now you can. 

About the product: WayUp now offers the most comprehensive suite of D+I dashboards available to early-career recruiters: our D+I Actionable Analytics Suite. We combine data from our candidate base of 6 million college students and recent grads (which you can learn more about here) with best-in-class insights to help companies hire more diverse early-career talent. With our D+I Actionable Analytics Suite, recruiters can effectively analyze their hiring funnel (as if they were marketers!) and identify trends by gender and ethnicity, such as:

  • How their job descriptions may be biased against a specific race or gender
  • Which steps of the hiring funnel are driving the highest drop-off for diverse candidates (even as specific as which interview questions are the culprits)
  • Which candidate sourcing channels are performing the best against your diversity and quality goals 
  • Which schools are sending the most qualified and diverse candidates to apply for your positions

Furthermore, recruiters can even download their own data for a more in-depth analysis, saving their team countless hours and allowing them to focus on making data-driven decisions.

How it helps recruiters: The real-time analytics in these dashboards provide recruiters with critical information on their candidate pool and recruitment process so they can make more data-driven decisions to meet diversity hiring goals. 

In this sample, this company switched their strategy and decided whether to drop the assessment altogether or use the assessment as an indicator rather than a pass/fail, all because they saw — first-hand — how it was unfairly biased against specific candidates.

Learn more about how our D+I Actionable Analytics Suite can improve ROI and diversity hiring here

2. Virtual D+I Events 

Do you want to get in front of qualified and diverse candidates and build meaningful relationships — all online? Our Virtual D+I Events will guarantee the candidates you want to meet actually attend your events.

About the product: WayUp’s Virtual D+I Events enables recruiters to spend more time with qualified and diverse candidates at their virtual events. Our unique technology takes care of the targeting, messaging, marketing, reminder alerts and offers real-time analytics so recruiters can make sure they’re getting in front of the right candidates. WayUp is also platform-agnostic, so if you have an event management tool you already love using, no problem!

How it helps recruiters: Without spending time driving the right candidates to their events, recruiting teams can focus on building content for the event and sharing why their company is so awesome to work for. By leveraging WayUp’s Virtual D+I Events, recruiters can spend their time on what matters most: engaging with qualified and diverse candidates.

As a result, our clients’ D+I Events this year were attended by over 92% Black, Hispanic, or Female candidates — a huge win for diverse campus recruiting.

Learn more about how Bloomberg attracted 94% Black and Latinx candidates to their events with WayUp here

3. Veteran Sourcing

If you’re looking to recruit veterans early in their career, WayUp now has the tools for you.

About the product: As part of our focus on getting diverse candidates hired and helping employers improve D+I in their workforce, we announced a new partnership with Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS) and the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF), which allows recruiters to source even more veteran candidates using the WayUp platform. 

Through our new partnership, thousands of veterans are signing up quickly to WayUp and creating profiles so they can be found by recruiters looking to hire people like them. 

How this helps recruiters: Veterans have historically been left behind in diversity recruiting because of the perception that their skills on the field don’t always translate to that of a civilian workforce. Yet we know that military veterans possess many unique talents and vital leadership skills and are an incredible asset to companies — which is why we made it easy for recruiters on WayUp to easily search for and proactively message veteran candidates on the platform.

Thanks to this partnership, in just the last two months of 2020, we’ve helped 169 enterprise companies source nearly 12,000 student veterans for entry-level roles — over half of which were from underrepresented groups. 

Learn more about our partnership and how to hire veterans with WayUp here. 

4. All Candidates Hear Back Within 24 Hours

Ever wish you could get back to every candidate within 24 hours? Now you can.

About the product: This year, we were able to guarantee that all candidates hear back about their qualifications or next steps within 24 hours of applying for a role. WayUp guarantees this by ensuring all applications are evaluated through our technology (employers choose the evaluation criteria) and by working with our employer partners to ensure that every candidate who doesn’t meet the qualifications for a role finds out. Hence, there isn’t any dreaded ATS black hole (without any additional effort required on the part of the recruiter).

How it helps recruiters: Not only does this save recruiters more time, it also provides an unparalleled candidate experience, regardless of the outcome of the application. Giving an excellent online experience is critical to any effective recruiting strategy, but it’s even more timely now with the rise of candidates applying to jobs online. 

Learn more about how WayUp enables employers to get back to every candidate within 24 hours here.

5. Instant Scheduling

Do you want to create a world-class candidate experience while increasing diversity? WayUp’s Instant Scheduling can help you achieve both of those goals.

About the product: Candidates applying to jobs on WayUp now have the option to schedule their first-round live interviews immediately after applying and being deemed qualified. After all, for a generation used to pressing a button and having a car show up, having candidates wait 2-4 weeks to hear back can feel outdated. So we decided to change that by ensuring candidates could instantly choose a flexible time slot to interview from Monday to Saturday, 8am until 11pm. (Plus, we also send them custom prep material after they schedule.)

How it helps recruiters: The Instant Scheduling feature helps recruiters move top talent through their hiring process faster by allowing qualified candidates (who pass a digital screen) to schedule their first interview immediately after applying. Not only has this significantly increased the number of qualified candidates who make it to a Superday or beyond, but it also helped companies uplevel their candidate experience by making it seamless for candidates.

See Instant Scheduling in action above! Candidates can seamlessly apply and schedule their first-round interview within minutes.

Instant Scheduling has also helped drive diversity — with 73% of candidates who schedule instantly coming from underrepresented groups.

A Note on 2020 and the Future

2020 was a challenging year for the recruiting industry, and WayUp has been there to support our community of candidates and employers every step of the way. 

We learned that we couldn’t take anything for granted, and we’re more grateful than ever to serve our incredible user base of 6 million diverse early-career candidates and the thousands of hard-working recruiters who use our platform every day to source top, diverse candidates.

Looking ahead to 2021, we’re excited to continue to invest in creating the best possible toolkit for recruiting diverse talent, and we are determined to continue embracing our reputation as the most innovative company in HR tech. Nothing has made me prouder than to see how WayUp has adapted, innovated, and thrived in the last year, and I can’t wait to share with you all our vision for the future of campus recruiting in the months ahead.

To find out more about how WayUp helps employers achieve their D+I goals and provide a world-class candidate experience, email us at or fill out the form below.

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