What is Technology Sales?

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If you’re interested in the innovation going on in the tech world — like big data and the Internet of Things — you may wondering what career opportunities are available in the industry and whether they might be a good fit for you. One of the rapidly growing areas of technology is sales and it’s a great chance for recent grads to get their foot in the door while learning all about the industry. To find out more about it, we asked the team at Dell to tell us what you can expect from working as part of a technology sales team.

Here are some of the key things you need to know about the field.

What is technology sales?

Focused on connecting consumers with innovative tech products, technology sales is all about identifying the customers who can benefit from a particular solution and showing them how that solution can meet their needs. Encompassing hardware (computers, servers, networking devices), software (operating systems) and services (applications, big data and cloud computing) technology sales can vary greatly depending on the particular company you work for and the type of sales you do. At a company like Dell, which offers solutions across all three of these areas, there is also a lot of potential to learn about different types of technology sales and broaden your understanding of the field as a whole.

What do technology salespeople do?

From learning the ins and outs of the particular technology they work with to researching potential clients and putting together packages to meet their needs, technology salespeople have two main goals: 1) Promoting the products of the company they work for and 2) Making sure that their customers are getting as much value as possible from the technology solution they are buying. And while you might think that you need to major in a technology-focused subject to work in tech sales, that’s not always the case. At Dell, many employees in tech sales started with a strong interest in tech and learned the rest on the job.

What are the challenges of working in technology sales?

A fast-paced field, technology sales does have a few challenges. These include staying on top of ongoing product updates, sourcing and connecting with potential customers, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their purchases and problem-solving the issue when they’re not. Although these challenges are part of the day-to-day life of almost everyone working in technology sales, they’re also fairly straightforward to overcome, particularly when you work for a company that offers great customer support and a whole range of resources for their sales team. At Dell, this means being part of a team that sees problem-solving as one of the key components of their work and aims to provide the best experience for both their customers and their employees.

What are the benefits of working in technology sales?

While there are certainly a few challenges to overcome in technology sales, there are even more benefits. These include working with cutting edge technology, meeting talented and innovative people across a broad range of industries and having the opportunity to learn and grow with others on your team. In fact, working in sales is a wonderful way to expand your professional network both within the industry and beyond, which can help you grow your sales business or move into other sectors of the tech world.

What is a typical salary for a technology salesperson?

Another benefit of working in tech-focused sales is the high earning potential. With a base salary between $40,000 and $92,000, and bonuses and commissions that can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, technology salespeople are often high earners, with many earning upwards of $100,000 per year.

An exciting field with uncapped potential, technology sales has a lot to offer recent grads. By knowing what to expect and what skills you need to succeed, you’ll be able to decide if this career is right for you.