Types of Entry-Level Jobs for Communications Majors

Being a communications major means learning all about the best ways to communicate effectively and help brands get their message across. And because these skills can be applied to multiple industries, communications majors are in high demand in almost every industry. If you’ve already learned about the most popular types of internships for communications majors, then you might be wondering what comes next. Are there just as many opportunities after graduation? The answer is yes.

Here are some of the best entry-level jobs for communications majors:

Marketing coordinator

As a marketing coordinator, you’ll develop marketing materials and assist with both internal and external communications. You’ll also help coordinate timelines and goals for the executive team and assist with their implementation. This is a job that requires a sound knowledge of marketing models, and even better communication and leadership skills.

Client services representative

A client services representative acts as an intermediary for the company and its clients, assisting the client with transactions, setting up meetings and ensuring customer satisfaction. In this position, you’ll be communicating with the client on behalf of the company, relaying important messages and ensuring a smooth working relationship.

Public relations assistant

As a public relations assistant, you’ll coordinate and review press releases, and help organize publicity events, campaigns and presentations geared towards maintaining a positive image for a company or brand. You might work on multiple projects, or in multiple capacities, often in a fast-paced environment that keeps you on your toes.

Editorial assistant

As an editorial assistant, you’ll coordinate editorial timelines ensuring that workflow between writers and editors is smooth and efficient. As part of your tasks, you’ll be communicating with writers to provide their assignments and following up to ensure that they submit on time. In smaller companies, you might also take on writing tasks, utilizing both your writing and administrative abilities.

Associate brand manager

As an associate brand manager, you’ll conduct initial market research and position the product you’re promoting in relation to similar products on the market. You’ll also develop marketing strategies aimed to increase the brand’s reach to its target audience. This position requires a solid understanding of the brand you’re promoting and its value in the marketplace.

Social media coordinator

As a social media coordinator, you’ll do more than just post to Facebook and Instagram. You’ll also interact with the brand’s online community, analyze the reach of different kinds of media and optimize social media campaigns for individual platforms. As the digital voice of the brand, you’ll be helping social media managers engage the brand’s audience effectively and learning how to capitalize on media trends along the way.

Irrespective of the field they choose to work in, communications majors play an important role in maintaining relationships between businesses and consumers, communicating with those audiences and presenting information. They get the message out there, resolve problems and analyze feedback. With all of those skills at their fingertips, it’s no wonder that communications majors are so sought after in workforce.

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